Patterns and JAMA among the Top Events in Culture This Year

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In the opinion poll, The Top Event in Culture This Year by Denník N, two projects of Cluster ensemble resonated.

Denník N asked people on the cultural scene about the event they considered the top one this year. The music-dance-light performance Patterns and the JAMA festival scored twice.

Tomáš Prištiak, a musician, said: “I consider the top event in culture this year to be a phenomenon: small, local festivals – mainly JAMA, the 73rd year of Milan Adamčiak. Discovering Slovak personalities with global influence has become the new sphere for ´positive deviation´. JAMA is a local festival, but it has a worldwide potential to become a true iconic happening.”

Project Patterns, the base for which is the rarely played compositions by the American composer Steve Reich, was also nominated for the 2019 Tatra Banka Foundation Art Awards in the category of Music.