In June: Premiere, Tour, and Birthday

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The subheading for June could be “Cluster ensemble” and “Patterns”, which is the ensemble’s new project. The works of Steve Reich are featured in this performance combining music, dance, and light art. Cluster ensemble is celebrating 10 years on the scene – so yes, it’s their birthday!


The ensemble is taking the performance Patterns on tour:
– 17th June / Stanica Žilina – Záriečie
– 19th June / A4-nultý priestor Bratislava
– 24th June / Národní divadlo Prague


In the midst of Reich‘s musical structures, Ivan Šiller makes time for another edition of the much-favoured Talk/Play/Share format:
On June the 4th, a day-long workshop ending with a concert at 16:30 takes place at the P. M. Bohúňa Primary Art School in Dolný Kubín. The focus of the workshop is the music of György Kurtág and Tomáš Boroš. The works of both are already well-known in Dolný Kubín since this workshop is a continuation of Ivan´s long-term cooperation with local music students and teachers.


On June the 21st, Fero Király joins Ivan Šiller in Talk/Play/Share workshop focused on the Pianora collection (or Botanická záhrada, author Fero Király). Pianora is a collection of games and compositions for piano students and teachers who enjoy trying out new things and experimenting. The workshop takes place at the Púchov Primary Art School.


Looking forward to seeing you!


Photo: Martin Hruboš