Situations: Presentation of Scores and Album

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Situations is a collection of piano pieces. It´s the reaction of its author, Tomáš Boroš, to the diversity of situations in life. Thanks to the cooperation with Ivan Šiller, the collection itself got into manifold situations.


– the pieces were first played live, that’s how the concert program Ein Kinderspiel came into being


– then the idea to publish the scores came, so the collection Situations was born and Magdaléna Scheryová from the ONAONAONA collective gave it a beautiful design


– the music was recorded and the album Situations saw the light of the world


This exclusive package will be festively “unwrapped” during a concert connected with the presentation of Situations on April 28th at at the Great Concert Hall of the Slovak Radio. There might be some exceptional situations, you wouldn’t want to miss it!


Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council