On Rhyming Poems in March

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The keyword for this month is rhyming poems. What are your favorite ones?


“Říkadla” is the Czech expression for rhyming poems and the name of a work by the Czech musical composer Leoš Janáček as well. This work inspired Ivan so much that he named the two March concerts of Ensemble Ricercata after it. Besides this work of Janáček inspired by Moravian folk poetry, pieces by Darius Milhaud and Robert Kolář are a part of the program. The ensemble – starring Helga Varga Bach, Ronald Šebesta, David Danel and Ivan Šiller – is performing in Nové Zámky (on March 25th) and in Bratislava (on March 29th). 


Rhyming poems are only a step away from children. The project New Music for Kids and Teens is ready to continue. Ivan Šiller and Tomáš Boroš are going to hold a workshop for pupils at Primary Art School in Poprad. Those who are familiar with Skladačky and Situácie (both works by Tomáš Boroš) might be a bit jealous of these children in Poprad. Tomáš and Ivan are also visiting Olomouc on March 19th with the project Ein Kinderspiel. 


Children are only a step away from young adults. Ivan is going to visit the Dezider Kardoš Private Conservatory in Topoľčany, where he is going to hold a moderated concert. Together with Daniel Matej, he is going to work with the students of Bratislava Church Conservatory on May 17th. 


For any changes in the program due to the coronavirus pandemic, please, follow the InMusic Facebook page.