April at Home

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In April, Ivan did not visit the places he was supposed to. However, music did not leave him and he did not leave music.


At Easter, he accepted the invitation of Jozef Lupták. Together with Táňa Pauhofová and Daniel Pastirčák, he presented the festive Passion play in the empty church at Cukrová Street in Bratislava.


Jozef Ľupták wrote about this event for the Slovak daily Denník N: “We meet in silence and experience a strong shared moment of word and music. Everything is transmitted online via one phone and the Internet. We leave the emptiness of the church fulfilled and invisibly connected through word and music with people who have joined us in this meditation.”


Later, Ivan, Eva Šušková, Erika Krkošková, and Tomáš Boroš – as a Superar Slovakia team – starred in the Slovak Radio and Television program School Club. They prepared a playful music lesson for children. The target group appreciated the lesson, the involvement of this team in the program continues. You can learn about the following episodes via social networks of InMusic and Superar Slovakia. You can also stream the program directly from the TV archive.


Photo: Martin Hruboš