Quartertone November

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November is going to be filled with important keywords. If we should add a single one, we would go for #quartertones.

Microtonal music (music using quartertones) is such which uses smaller intervals than the commonly used half tones – there will be plenty of them the during the Quartertones concert of Cluster ensemble. Fero Király and Ivan Šiller are inviting you to the Concert Hall Dvorana (Zochova Street, Bratislava) on November 15th. Other important names of this concert are Charles Ives and Ivan Vyshnegradskij, you can also hear music by female composer Želislava Sojak Subotić. Cluster ensemble writes about Quartertones here, we recommend this as a form of intriguing concert preparation.

Ensemble Ricercata, the ensemble in which Ivan also serves as the artistic director, will play in Olomouc (the Czech Republic), in Litoměřice (the Czech Republic), in Šaľa (the Slovak Republic) and Poprad as a part of Masterclasses.


Ivan is also going to travel with the project VENI ACADEMY – The Winter Academy 2019.


On November 18th, he is going to perform on the Soft November Music concert at the Ján Palárik Theatre in Trnava. He is going to play a piece dedicated to November 17th, 1989 by Ijla Zeljenka.


There are more solo concerts planned, all dates can be found in the calendar.



Photo: Martin Hruboš