April full of concerts

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After three months of educating and imparting knowledge to the upcoming generation, I have several concerts lined up in April, all of which you can find in the “Calendar” section.

The whole of April is dedicated to the festival PIANO DAYS, but on April 20th, I had the opportunity to briefly become a conductor as well. In Stará Turá, I conducted the children’s choir of the Bratislava Brethren Church, which premiered Slavoj Krupa’s composition – Ester.

As I write this blog, we have already had the first piano recital as part of this year’s PIANO DAYS 2024 and also the PIANO TALK, of which I was part of in Žilina. Along with the performers of the first concert – Kristína Smetanová and Júlia Stahl – Novosedlíková and Kamil Mihalov, we talked not only about the piano at ArtFora in Žilina, but the entire talk is also available online on InMusic’s Facebook page.

The festival still awaits two concerts in Nitra and Modrý Kameň and a workshop “Sounds of the Piano” led by lecturer Martina Janegová. At Modrý Kameň Castle, you also have the opportunity to hear my interpretation of Chopin’s Preludes on the beautiful Steinway instrument.

“Preludes are among the most famous compositions, and it is a challenge for me to find my own interpretative path. Because there is probably no world-renowned pianist who hasn’t recorded them (Rubinstein, Pogorelich, Pollini, etc.) It’s as if every interpreter feels the need to “deal with” them. Similarly, it is with Bach’s preludes, fugues, or Beethoven’s sonatas. Now I am at a stage in life where I would like to confront Chopin’s preludes and see how I succeed.” With this quote from my interview for plan.art, I warmly invite you to the concert. Entry to the event is free; see you at the Grand Hall of the castle at Modrý Kameň on April 27, 2024, at 5 PM.