CANTÉYODJAYÂ solo recital

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The recital’s name catches one’s attention immediately, it refers to a piano composition of the same name by Olivier Messiaen (1908–1992). He composed the piece in 1948. Its name is adapted from Sanskrit and stands for the rhythmic-melodic unit which the piece opens with.


Besides Messiaen’s work, the music of Alban Berg, Arnold Schönberg, Pierre Boulez and György Kurtág is a part of the recital.


Messiaen, among other things, reflects the issue of time: “First of all, I love time, because it’s the starting point of all creation. Time presupposes change (and therefore Matter) and movement (and therefore Space and Life). Time makes eternity comprehensible to us by contrasting with it. Time ought to be the friend of all musicians.”


Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council in the form of a stipend.


Photo: Martin Hruboš