The boy who tamed the devil and found beauty

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Publisher: Spoločnosť Mariana Vargu

Publication Year: 2021



Marián Varga



Compiled by: Jana Vargová
Transcription of notes from manuscript records: Marek Spusta
Editors: Jakub Kudláč, Marek Spusta
Score corrections: Jozef Lupták and Boris Lenko
Text authors: Dana Belicová-Chovanová, Vladimír Bokes, Tomáš Berka, Marián Varga, Daniel Hevier and Marián Jaslovský
Language editor: Darina Páleníková
Responsible editor: Jozef Lupták
Illustrations and graphics: Han Illustration
Recorded by: Ivan Šiller in the My Piano showroom
Sound direction and mastering: Robert Pospiš and Martin Sillay, Real Music House
Musical direction: Jozef Lupták
Project manager: Lea Majerčáková


Other information: The large-scale, full-color publication contains 20 wonderful songs in musical notation, enriched with stories and memories of Marian's friends and original illustrations. It includes a code for downloading a recording of the songs interpreted by pianist Ivan Šiller.