Music (Beyond the Name)

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Publisher: Hevhetia s.r.o.

Publication Year: 2022



Adrián Demoč



The album of Adrián Demoča & Ensemble Ricercata Music (Beyond the Name) contains two compositions composed for Ensemble Ricercata.

“Music (Beyond the Name) focuses on developing a monophonic melodic line, a horizontal line. The musicians are instructed to play at slightly different tempos, creating the impression of a kind of gentle echo. The players do not have to keep the same distance from the others all the time, but can subtly change their individual tempo so that new rhythmic/temporal (micro)relationships can be constantly created in the course of the piece.”

Publisher: Hevhetia

Publication Year: 2022

Performers: Ensemble Ricercata: David Danel, Ivan Šiller, Ronald Šebesta

Booklet foto: Martin Hruboš


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